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Depression Counselling Mississauga

The vision of the Centre of Healing Minds is to offer the best mental health support while addressing the cultural and religious values of the clients. We strive to provide clients with the greatest mental health support through licensed Psychotherapists.

The clinic specializes in treating depression, one of the main causes of mood disorders and a risk factor for serious health problems. Depression is often accompanied by symptoms such as appetite loss, extreme sorrow, sleeplessness, and suicidal thoughts.

For the most professional and knowledgeable depression counselling in Mississauga, call the clinic or request a phone consultation online. The clinic provides the greatest services at a reasonable price and the therapists are dependable and trustworthy. By guiding clients in the right direction, we want to ensure that our clients overcome obstacles in life and have a purposeful and value-driven existence.

Need depression counselling in Mississauga? Contact us at CoHM – Centre of Healing Minds. We strive to provide the best online counselling for depression. Search on Google with the keywords “depression counselling near me” to connect with our experts. 

Depression Counselling in Mississauga: A Person Comforted by a Counsellor

Types of Depression

The following are the four most typical forms of depression: 


Persistently depressing feelings and attitudes that result in a lack of interest in enjoyable activities are characteristics of major depression. Sleeplessness, fluctuations in weight, and guilt or worthlessness are common symptoms. It is sometimes also linked to suicidal or fatal ideation. 


A "low" mood that lasts for at least two years is known as persistent depression disorder (PDD), and it is frequently accompanied by sleep problems, unexplained weight gain or loss, and despair.


Bipolar disorder is often characterized as manic depression and has episodes of intense activity or gloom. Although manic episodes are linked to happy emotions, they frequently accompany self-destructive conduct that results in sadness. Our depression counselling, Mississauga, can help people with bipolar illness and have a more satisfying life.


As the days become shorter in the fall and winter, those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may experience some symptoms. Due to shifts in circadian rhythms (internal body clock) and the effect of light on neurotransmitters like melatonin and serotonin, SAD has an impact on mood and therapy can help regulate that.

We strive to help individuals maintain a state of wellness by presenting effective and new strategies which can help them through difficult times.


Services are offered in English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic & Spanish.

Depression counselling session in Mississauga, offering support and guidance.

What causes depression?

In Canada, depression is a common mental illness that has a wide range of causes and incapacitating consequences on sufferers. Though there is still much to learn, genetics has been connected to depression in unhealthy family circumstances.

Research indicates that having depressed parents or siblings may make you more prone to it. Neurotransmitters control mood and depression is sometimes the result of an imbalance in these chemicals. A person may exhibit depressed symptoms if their neurotransmitter supply is disrupted or inadequate.

Anatomical variations in the brain might potentially exacerbate depression. During the reproductive years, women experience serious depression, twice as frequently as men do. Hormonal changes that occur during perimenopause, delivery, and menstruation might be the reason. Research shows that women are less likely to experience depression following menopause. In addition, hormone imbalances brought on by thyroid disorders may lead to depression in those who are vulnerable.

Best Online Counseling for Depression ?

To enhance mood, mental health, relationships, careers, student conduct, and education, therapists employ a variety of strategies. They provide direction, instructions, evaluations through teamwork with the clients.

Therapy provides hope and healing to those who are willing to try it. Counselling aids in the treatment of mental health issues and fosters the growth of communities. Studies indicate that talk therapy works well for treating depression. It offers instruments to control symptoms and aids in recognizing harmful thought patterns.

While severe or clinical depression may need medication, mild to moderate depression may benefit from therapy alone. The two most popular types of treatment are interpersonal therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). While interpersonal therapy focuses on how relationships relate to others, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on how negative thinking patterns impact mood.

Therapists assist patients in seeing trends, changing for the better, and strengthening bonds with one another. You may receive online or offline therapy to help you get over your sadness and feel better. Receive the best online counselling for depression from the Centre of Healing Minds to recognize your patterns and transform your thought process.

person receiving depression counseling in Mississauga
a person sitting on a couch talking to a therapist in a counselling session.

Depression counselling near me

In Mississauga, the "Centre of Healing Minds" will be a helpful resource if you are searching for 'depression counselling near me'. This devoted facility provides caring and skilled treatments with the goal of promoting mental health.

By contacting the "Centre of Healing Minds," you will get in touch with knowledgeable experts who are trained and registered to help for a range of mental health issues, including depression. Explore the treatments provided by this reputed facility, which are customized to fit your individual needs, and take a step toward your recovery.

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