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Anxiety Counselling Mississauga

Are you exhausted from incessant overthinking? Do you find your mind trapped in a relentless whirlwind of racing thoughts, seemingly impossible to silence? Due to overwhelming anxiety do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Perhaps you find yourself unable to shake off thoughts of an error made during the day and it keeps lingering in your mind.

Nights may be marred by an inability to sleep due to a preoccupation with worries about the upcoming day. It feels like living in a perpetual cycle of being stuck in the past or fixated on the future, making it difficult to embrace the present moment. If you are experiencing this you can get help via our online anxiety Counselling and recognizing when Anxiety takes control of your life.

Living with anxiety can make the prospect of seeking help appear daunting. Attempts to reach out for support from family members might have resulted in invalidation or dismissive remarks like "everyone gets anxious sometimes."

While acknowledging that anxiety is a shared human experience, it becomes a significant issue when it begins dictating the course of your life. This is precisely why seeking assistance via anxiety Counselling in Mississauga is crucial.

COHM therapist comforting Anxiety patient
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Anxiety Therapy Near Me

Experiencing anxiety is an inherent aspect of the human condition. Indeed, anxiety isn't always a foe; in moderation in some instances it can enhance preparedness e.g. for a significant presentation or job interviews it can help you prepare better. It can also keep you alert in potentially hazardous situations as well. However, many individuals dealing with anxiety today find that it hampers their ability to derive joy from life. Hence, anxiety Counselling in Mississauga is the need of the hour.

The prevailing work-centric hustle culture only compounds this issue. Our society promotes a relentless pace, urging individuals to keep on going without the luxury of taking a well deserved break. Consequently, a significant number of us struggle to decelerate and allocate time for self-care.

While the desire to slow down may exist, the ingrained habit of managing a myriad of tasks simultaneously poses a challenge. The prospect of uttering a firm 'no' and eliminating commitments from our schedules might induce fear. Consequently, we persist in juggling multiple responsibilities without allowing any space for self-nurturing.

Allow yourself that well-deserved break and search for anxiety counselling near me. Trained therapists at Centre of Healing Minds will help you avail valuable opportunities to hit the pause button, unwind, and detach from the myriad stressors that fuel your anxiety.


Excessive Worrying

Persistent and uncontrollable thoughts that create an overwhelming sense of apprehension.



A constant feeling of agitation or an inability to relax, often accompanied by an urge to stay in constant motion.

Symptoms of Anxiety


Sweating & Trembling

Physical manifestations of anxiety, such as sweaty palms, increased perspiration, or trembling.


Nausea & Upset Stomach

Digestive issues, including nausea, stomach cramps, or a persistent sense of unease.


Shortness of Breath

Feeling breathless or experiencing rapid, shallow breathing, often associated with a sense of impending doom or panic.

In case you are dealing with the following symptoms of anxiety, then it is always a good idea to go for anxiety Counselling in Mississauga:

Deciding Between a Psychiatrist and a Psychotherapist

Reaching out for professional help requires courage. Determining which mental health professional to consult can add complexity to the task. If your treatment goal of anxiety Counselling near me involves medication, either exclusively or in conjunction with Counselling, seeking the expertise of a medical professional such as a psychiatrist is necessary. On the other hand, if talk therapy aligns with your preferences, a psychotherapist or psychologist may be a more suitable choice.

A person sitting on a couch talking to a therapist in a calming environment.

Ask yourself these questions pre and during anxiety Counselling in Mississauga?


What is the issue requiring treatment? Whether you opt for a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, both practitioners conduct a "intake session" to grasp the nature of the problem at hand. If medication is deemed necessary, ethical standards dictate that your therapist during online anxiety Counselling will guide you toward your family doctor who can refer you to a psychiatrist. In cases where medication isn't required, a psychotherapist or psychologist is recommended, as psychiatrists do not provide Counselling services.


What constitutes the optimal treatment plan? For instance, marriage issues might find resolution through talk therapy, but conditions like bipolar disorder, clinical depression, or ADHD may necessitate medication or the need to search anxiety Counselling near me.


How long will it take until improvement is noticeable? Answering this question is challenging as mental health concerns are not straightforward and a universal timeline doesn't apply across disorders. There's no "quick fix," even with medication. Body metabolism varies, and it often takes weeks to witness results. Therapy is an even less predictable science. Especially when clients present with multiple issues and generally meet their therapists only once a week.


If you perceive a lack of progress, start by discussing your frustration with your treatment provider during online anxiety Counselling. It could be a matter of insufficient time. It could also be the failure to implement the strategies discussed or a potential mismatch between you and your provider. Protecting your mental health is too valuable to give up easily.

Person experiencing anxiety symptoms having a video call with COHM therapist

Online Anxiety Counselling

If you are looking for the best anxiety counselling near me, then the Centre of Healing Minds is the right choice.

Initiate a proactive approach to manage your anxiety and reclaim a sense of peace in your life. Through the expertise, support, and evidence-based techniques provided by our skilled therapists via online anxiety Counselling, you can acquire the tools to effectively cope with anxiety and embrace a more fulfilling life.

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